It’s no Skins off my nose!

I have just watched a documentary on the new trends among some teenage circles. Have I aged that much and am I just another old retrograde fool, or has society lost its mind and heading back to dark ages ? I sure don’t want to sound like a bird of ill omen. I am no puritan and I think I am rather tolerant but when some young people get this sick idea that fun is to get soaked, stoned and sex until they drop, I feel like something in this world is beyond my grasp.

Skins parties are indeed more and more popular. A “skins party” is a no-limit zone meant for teens (many of them are under 18 but who cares ?). The idea is to get S.A.D. (read Sex – Alcohol – Drugs) and to break all bans. Drugs dealers know they will make business and cushions are laid on the floors so that the orgy may take place. The party usually ends up with rounders throwing up, being unconsciously raped or collapsing into alcohol-induced coma. Getting S.A.D. is really those parties’ shallow purpose.

Parents are not fooled but believe that their teens should make their own experiences or that showing too much authority may lead to a family estrangement. The problem is a lack of authority is fueling disrespect and violence. According to many therapists – such as Dr Aric Sigman, psychologist and best-selling author -, authority is a health matter. Teens need to be given limits in order to build themselves.

The documentary was giving this unpleasant impression that nobody really cared. Strong alcoholic beverages were served to teenagers, drugs were sold and dangerous sexual behaviors – unconscious rather than willing – were spreading. Once the sad party was over, teens were scattering in the streets. Some were lying on the sidewalks, throwing up their guts. No police. No adult. Just darkness and loneliness. This looked very much like the “No future” tagline predicted by the Sex Pistols… Ironically punks are the same age as their parents.

Have we missed something ? Did we neglect our responsibilities as parents, as adults ? What do we value in life ? Quest for instant pleasure ? Money ? Our ego ? Have we lost the meaning of words like love, compassion, respect… This documentary left me with more questions than answers. Maybe we have been too skin-deep. Maybe we should get back to the basics. Maybe it’s a matter of life and death for humanity. So is it still no skin off our nose ?


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