The Osmonds new CD is out and far out

In the 70’s, the Osmonds were  too squeaky-clean to be taken seriously by male rock fans.  Although they were actually making good music, had been in the business since early age and were multi talented artists, the brothers’ musical abilities were perhaps overshadowed by their good looks and irresistible power of seduction on girls. There was the Beatlemania in the 60’s, the following decade was to be flooded by the Osmondmania.

To my opinion, at least two albums from that era deserve recognition : “Crazy Horses” and “The Plan”. The first one includes nicely packaged classic rock tracks and the second one is a refined concept album containing some graceful songs like “Let me in” or “Darlin'” and punchy tunes like “Traffic in my mind” or “The last days”.

OK. I admit it. I was a devoted fan back then. And I have remained so. Does that make me white and nerdy?

Last month, Merrill, Jay and Jimmy were touring in the UK while their last CD was released. For years, the Osmond family has been keeping alive a unique spirit. Their loyal fans are also their friends. They feel like they are part of their extended family because the Osmonds have always been available and now more approachable than ever. The boys are well-mannered and genuinely kind. Nothing to do with the glittering star system.  Their new CD is pretty much that way : far from business standards, because filled with generosity and marked by genuineness.

Too bad the CD does not include the entire family on all tracks. Except for this soulful song : “Remember me”. The youngest one, Jimmy is carrying the vocals on almost all tracks. His voice is slightly husky, rich and fragile at the same time. The songs are forming a harmonious whole : fine-cut, mellow and effective, they are naturally blending in the ears. The music is peaceful and wistful, filled with a refreshing nostalgia. “Getcha goin’ my way” is the only hard rock track. Composed in the 70’s, this Led Zep influenced song was never released on an album before but was featured on the Osmonds cartoon. I like “Take me home” very fondly. It is one of the smoothest melodies on the CD.

There is just one snag : the CD sleeve is a bit severe and too dark. A family picture would have been more appropriate. Moreover I think that a 35 minutes long CD is somewhat too short.

Although short, the musical trip was worth the listening pleasure. The album may be sprayed with nostalgia but holds enough modernity to capture the hearts of a younger audience.  The Osmonds have been in show business for over 50 years, and you might say that this challenge has been met : defying musical fads and music industry dictatorship. Take the time to listen, but beware! you too might fall under the Osmonds refreshing and simple spell.


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