How to achieve success in… death

  The Darwin Awards are honoring those who improve the species… by accidentally removing themselves from it! Of course, one needs a good fix of derision to catch on this surreal project. All things considered, human is the only species responsible for its own extinction and this is pretty dumb. After all, Einstein said : “Two things are infinite : the universe and human stupidity , and I’m not sure about the universe.”

The Darwin Awards are meant to reward the stupidest, the most absurd deaths. Yes, you read well! Some people are at their peak right at the end of their life. When you read the story of their decease, you cannot help but crack a grin. Some people’s life is a failure, some people’s death is a failure. Let me tell you a few anecdotes.

In South Carolina, Ken Charles Barger’s cell phone suddenly rings. Still in the haze of a dream, the man turns to his bedside table, picks up his… Smith & Wesson gun and shoots himself.

Nah! Weapons are not dangerous. Robert Shovestall was trying to convince his wife. “My guns are not even loaded. Watch this : I’m taking this one, randomly and I am holding it to my head.” No need to say what happened next.

Sometimes, it is just a twist of fate. In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, a young girl who has had enough of life wants to jump from a bridge. Fifty persons or so are gathered on the bridge and trying to prevent her from following through. There were so many people on the bridge that suddenly the structure collapsed. Nine persons died in this tragedy. Did I tell you that the lady survived…

A bridge too far

TV director Mike Stewart is shooting a documentary on the bridges that were too low in the Dallas area, Texas. As he was sitting on the top of a truck to film a scene, his head violently banged on a low bridge’s pediment…

What an irony! Mr. Jennings, 54 is very sick and really believes he will die in a matter of minutes. So he confesses to his wife that he has cheated her at least three times. Infuriated, his spouse slashes him with scissors. Autopsy revealed that Jennings suffered only from a minor stomach ulcer.

Suspecting her husband to be unfaithful, Vera Czermak is about to commit suicide. As she is jumping out of the window, she eventually crashes on her husband who choked to death!

Salvatore Chirilino is looking for four-leaf clovers on a roadside. Suddenly, he slips on the grass and falls down in a 200 feet deep pit.

Oh and here is the last one. A chicken falls in a wall in Cairo. An 18 year old boy tries to save it but ends up drowning. His sister and two brothers are rushing to his rescue but unfortunately cannot swim. Two neighbors are then jumping in the well but are swallowed up by the water as well! When the rescuers are pulling up the six corpses, they are bringing back the chicken which is alive and well…

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