Facebook, a dream about humanity found again


Facebook is a planet within ours, with its codes like any society

Facebook seems to have ingested all my interest, those last times. Have I been sacrificed on the altar of Fashion? Am I a fashion victim? No way. A couple of years ago, I was being very critical regarding this social network inside of which I was lost. Where could I fit in this huge web made of virtual humanity? What was my mission? What in the world was the use of Facebook? Was it about collecting friends to decorate a wall, like a hunter hangs his trophies above the fireplace? Was it about sending glittering hearts to people you have never met? Was it about pretending you are a farmer or a bar tender, and that the work is done by typing some keys on your laptop? Well… Maybe.

Under the pretext to rally all human beings to the cause of friendship and universality, to unite all the lonely people in the world in face of their PC screen, Facebook is essentially a great opportunity for advertisers but also a threat hovering around our need for intimacy.

For those few reasons, Facebook looked a bit dubious, although I have eventually stepped into FB planet. I played the game. Digging up old friendships like you would collect scattered pieces of a giant puzzle game, is thrilling. Past and present are merging and suddenly time seems to crystallize. Faded love stories, lost friends, sweet memories are revived through the miracle of virtual meshing. Odd that the virtual allows us today to renew this real relationship with our past. But that is not all…

Let’s admit it. Facebook grants us our very own celebrity moment. Even if it remains rather restricted for most of us. Some words left on out wall may bring us some appreciation or even a few heartening comments. Our family photos albums are transformed into a celebrity magazine flicked through our circle of friends. We have become the paparazzi of our own life which snippets are thrown to overall  tamed and sweet lions. I feed therefore I am.

In spite of all, I like Facebook. In a naive and genuine way somehow. Because of all those people who were, have become or became again my friends. I am not hinting at those acquaintances, with whom you hardly share anything but an annoying game or a vague interest in a popstar. I am thinking of men and women that I regard highly, that I respect, because I know fragments of their life. Brothers and sisters sharing the same emotions, the same need for love and recognition. If our planet could look a little bit like Facebook, if only my town could look like Facebook… The world is so small since Facebook came in but my neighbors are still perfect strangers to me.


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