Djavan, the art of satin-smooth sound

2369643750Sometimes, finely cut diamonds are shining brightly but their radiance does not go beyond the borders of their native country. Marketing laws have decided so, I suppose.

In the case of Brazilian artist Djavan, the tyranny of business and the major record companies are depriving a great part of the world of a ray of satin-smooth sound and clever music made with simple good taste.

In the late 80’s, Djavan was so popular in Brazil that he was selling around 500,000 copies of some of his records. He thought the time had come to travel out of his country and to be worldwide famous. The US market was a good start. After all, it was smooth jazz land. And Djavan’s music fits pretty much this music genre. So some 30 years ago, Djavan tried to break through in the U.S.A. where he recorded some tracks in English. American smooth jazz singer Michael Franks who wrote “Bird Of Paradise” lyrics,  even recorded his own version of the song on his 1995 album “Abandoned Garden”.  Djavan’s success remained quite restricted though.

He not only hit the United States but also Europe where Brazilian communities abroad and Brazilian music aficionados gathered in flocks at each of his appearances. Lately, he has been touring mostly his country. His last studio album – his 24th –  “Rua Dos Amores” was released in 2012. This year, he was on the Brazilian stage for several months, delivering concerts but there is apparently no plan for a world tour at this moment. His last albums are not evenly distributed in Europe. Hard to find products, they still can be ordered on some European webstores.

Djavan’s compositions are with Bossa Nova-tinged, and are bulging with graceful sensuality. Listening to his music will surely brush your soul with delicate caresses, soft and light strokes as those of a feather. If only for this reason, Djavan’s music ought to be largely revealed. Acid techno or gothic metal fans should refrain from exposing their sensitive ears to this exquisite smooth wave (but this just remains an advice). As for all others, Summer holidays are on their way, and it smells like coconut and sandy beaches. Djavan is an obvious disciple of Tom Jobim, Bossa Nova inventor (“Garota De Ipanema”/”The Girl From Ipanema”). And his songs are real gems meant to light up your heart with beauty. Simple as that.

Discovering Djavan :


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