Bizarre? Did you say bizarre?

Since it’s Halloween season, I thought I might write on a lighter side. After all, I have always been keen on mystery and brain-twisters. I like gloomy and disturbing atmospheres, and most of all, I enjoy dissecting and unravelling so-called mysteries. I may be rational and sceptical, I cannot live without that touch of bizarre in my life.

I recently came across a strange video on YouTube that was uploaded two years ago and has over 1 million views. So this does not really come as an exclusive. A French psychic living in California was making “too good to be true” predictions about our last three decades. Now I do not normally watch, even less endorse those kinds of media sensation but my curiosity was aroused. It was obviously a hoax. Clairvoyance is an emotional matter, a question of intuition, not a science fact. After all, we are all able to make prophecies providing we hold good information on the state of the world… Scientists are making predictions but they do not come out of thin air and are the result of in-depth studies.

Bizarre made in the eighties?

Back to the subject, the video was featuring the year 1980. From the background, the way the man was dressed, the big glasses he wore and his funny hairstyle, it did seem like the 1980’s. Some people (with a sharp eyesight) spotted a CD case on a shelf behind the man’s shoulder and came to the conclusion that it was not possibly 1980, as the CD was marketed in 1981 but let’s assume that it refers more to the 1980’s than to the precise year 1980. It also was noticed that the clock displayed the same time all throughout the interview, suggesting it was a prop. But let’s say this clock is simply not working. Now the image and the sound appear as high quality for the eighties but let’s believe that the original video was digitized by a pro who knew his job. As a matter of fact, the original uploader was allegedly a pro who wanted to remain anonymous and did not fully realize the coming impact of this release. He claimed  he could not tell how he got the original tape and that he did not believe in psychics. Which adds puffs of fog to the mystery…

For those of you that were, like me, ignorant about the fatal alien encounter that was about to happen (yes, humanity had to be eradicated from the surface of the Earth, by 2012), the psychic foresaw major events from this past decades, such as 9/11, Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the electric car and more. To make it sound more plausible, false predictions were included. The only glitch was that the man did not sound sincere, as if he did not believe a word he said. Leading you to the impression that the man was acting. That the scene was scripted.

Some sources state that the man was called Jacques Nietzermann, a murderer on the run abroad for 22 years, that he was eventually arrested and sentenced to a term of 45 years. He could be dead by now. Other sources maintain that the man is a French comedian named Olivier Sir John who looks indeed very much like the supposedly psychic. Judge by yourself :

This last hypothesis could be the rational explanation, still many questions remain : why didn’t they fizzle out the whole story? What is the motivation of whoever imagined the gag? To me, this is the core of the mystery. I have no doubt whatsoever that this was all set up (and I must confess : brilliantly done) but when will the case be closed? Why keep on duping gullible people on believing a fraud… This is THE puzzling mystery to me.


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