Knock, knock, knockin’ on Armageddon’s door

I am tolerant. I mean TOLERANT (please mind the capital letters but I am on edge). And at the same time, I just cannot stand intolerance. Nor when some holier-than-thou brigade comes ringing at my door to spew tailor-made thoughts. How do Jehovah’s Witnesses think people will react when they say that truth is: “sorry but everybody is wrong, except us”. So I have been wondering why Jehovah’s Witnesses keep on knocking on doors when they know most people will chase them away. Is it a matter of masochism? Is it because they actually believe that they will cast away demons in this hostile environment called Earth? Is it out of proselytism? Likely.

Looking into the vacant eyes of the ladies to whom I just opened, I have seen none of those possibilities. “Oh yeah? Are you sure that it’s the Bible you’ve read? We’re not talking about a missal or the Koran. We’re talking about the one and only Bible.” OK. They are just trying to irritate me, I imagined. She stepped inside my house, preventing me from closing the door and reeled off her sermon. “Let me explain to you. There’s a highway code and some people are breaking the law, driving over speed limit. Do you understand?” I suppose she was hinting at the fact that I must have been some kind of religious outlaw, according to her rules. Was it really necessary to treat me as a moron?

Amazingly, it seems as though Jehovah’s Witnesses are looking for rejection and they know exactly when you are bound to fly off the handle.

So my question is: why would someone want to be scorned? I gave a thought about this and came to the conclusion that rejection strengthens the sense of cohesion of a group of people. It will actually boost their faith. At the end of several hours spent pushing door bells and being turned down, laughed at, despised, how would a normal human being feel? And I consider Jehovah’s Witnesses as normal human beings Of course, anyone would feel depressed, filled with anger, overwhelmed with hate.

We are not punching balls, we have feelings too and so do Jehovah’s Witnesses. But then they realize that dozens of disciples are feeling likewise and the feeling of belonging to a special community suddenly makes them feel better. It makes them feel like they stand among the chosen few. Being bullied by the outside world, convinces the adepts that they are holding a sacred truth since members have always been told by the Governing Body and elders that they will be persecuted.

“Don’t call us a cult, we are members of a religion”, she hissed. “Cults have gurus and we don’t. Besides, we are free.” So am I, I thought, so why did you block my door? Why did I ever bother chatting with them? How can anyone talk about a loving God, be so intolerant and inconsiderate? People who claim to hold the absolute truth are absolutely deceiving no one but themselves. Maybe they should talk to people from different religions who believe likewise. Maybe they would understand how sterile and futile their faith is. Maybe not. Who knows? They might trigger Armageddon.


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