So tired…

© Rafat Alkhateeb on Cartoon Movement

“Mama, I’m tired.”

“Hold on to me, my son. We can do it.”

“Is it still far?”

“No, we’re almost there. Hold on!”

“Mama? People are smiling and nice where we’re going…”

“Yes, they are. People are so kind they will give you chocolate and new clothes.”

“Mama? Tell me more. I’m f-f-freezing. I’m so tired.”

“I know, sweetheart but please, hold on and listen to me. Over there, everybody’s free. People don’t kill one another, they don’t make war and children are going to school to learn how to write, how to read many many books… Hold on, my baby!”

“Mama, I really want to sleep, so tired… Will… will I make new friends?”

“Oh yes, children are so nice too. You’ll get plenty of friends and… No! Don’t look down.”

“Mama, I see dead people. They’re watching me. I’m afraid! Mama? Mama, I lost my shoes…!”

“Don’t look down, my sweet boy, listen to me. Dont worry, we’ll buy you new shiny shoes. If you hold on, you’ll see the country your father and I told you about. They have meadows and tall trees and colorful flowers and houses and…”

“Mama, I lost my teddy and I wanna go bye-bye. So t-t-ired and so cold, Mama…”

“I know, honey. I’ll buy you another teddy. They have big stores full of toys. So big you might get lost. Don’t close your eyes, baby, don’t, I can almost smell the tasty food from the shores. We’re so close now. I can see… the hands of the people reaching to help us. S-s-o nice people out there.”

“Mama, I can see them too. It’s beautiful, mama, the sky’s full of stars. Nice people holding my hand… sky full of stars… wanna go to sleep. Mama, wanna sleep with you. Mama? T-tell me another story. Mama? Mmmama? Ssso t-t-tired…”

(To Aylan and all the children killed because of apathy)


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