Don’t call me

Phone chat with a call center employee somewhere in the world.

Him (burning with enthusiasm): “Mrs. Lebrun?”
Me (curtly): “Who am I speaking to?”
Him: “David from Eco-Environment, I’d like to know …”
Me (ironically): “What’s your last name?”
Him: “I told you this is David from Eco-Environment.”
Me (irritating): “Well, you know my name, I just want to know yours.”
Him (with a faltering voice): “This is David … David … er … from Eco-Environment.”
Me (taunting): “Your name’s not “from Eco-Environment”. So what’s your real name?”
Him (losing his temper): “This is David from Eco-Environment and ma’am, I want to ask you if …”
Me : “I refuse to talk any further if you don’t say your name.”
Him (infuriated): “I told you, ma’am, my name’s David and I don’t have to tell you my name.”
Me (pushy): “You know mine, so, I want yours.”
Him (running out of patience): “Well, this is the end of this conversation, ma’am. Goodbye to you.”
Me (with a candid tone): “Goodbye, sir.”


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