Where is the way out?

12219360_10206898237045702_2072084663634689347_nWhat is wrong with the world? I wonder if the word “human” still bears a meaning. This may seem like commonplace statements and it is but I am shattered. Again. Like most of us. Like we were when “Charlie Hebdo” had been the target of terrorism, last January. Barbarism and terror are not opinions nor ideologies. Therefore these cannot be condoned by freedom of thought. Savagery does not belong to a system of thought. Heinousness is no belief.

Killing people does not draw slayers closer to God or Allah or whoever. It brings killers closer to the void. We are one. We share the same humanity, don’t we? Don’t we? We are made of flesh and blood. We are supposed to be sensitive beings. Just like the other animals.There is however not a single animal who would kill because it cannot bear another animal’s existence. Or because it favors death over life. Are we the ultimate toxic species?

Sometimes I wish there was an exit sign.


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