So Mama, don’t take my Polaroid away

526574_10201407269014933_781736180_nMy very first camera was a Polaroid ZIP, which might now be considered as a vintage object since it was designed in 1972, in the United States. I happened to exhume this iconic camera miraculously undamaged in the attic. Dozens of black and white photos were enshrined in a box but some of them were sadly washed out. Pictures turned out to be ghostly after a while but the camera is still pretty fresh.

Unpacking a dusty box, I saw my old Polaroid Zip sitting patiently. My first move was to stroke the object, then I pressed the red shutter release, checked through the viewfinder whether a window still showed a YES sign on checkerboard background. I remember the peculiar smell of revealing products and my excitement. It was magical. The camera literally spat the black and white photograph. And the impression would gradually appear on the glossy paper. That was amazing and never seen before. The technology was not perfect but made us believe that there was magic in the capture of a moment. The photos are  now a bit faded but smiles of friends and family are still alive and moving. The magic is still intact.



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