Soul mood

If faith was based upon the attitude of some so-called Christians, their belief would look like a puff of steam meant to disappear into thin air. Some bigots and diehards show neither compassion nor humanity. Their judgement is harsh, ruthless and worth of all, deceitful.

Does God acknowledge paternity of those lost children? Who would be in position to judge anyway? And what is this religious jumble favoring proper attire and tradition at the expense of kindness and tolerance? What binds us is precisely our humanity, our sensitivity and our ability to empathize.

If religion takes us away from our fellow being, it alienates us, and religion is therefore not what it claims to be, namely a relationship between man and deity. Which should be translated by “pure love”. Religion brings us together, as indicated by its Latin etymology “religare” (“to link”). As a consequence, those that divide us, those who ostracize us because of our facade, our culture or our philosophical orientation do not practice religion.

Faith is no garment that we take off and swap depending on circumstances. Faith is unveiling our soul. It is where we find the best of ourselves or the worst … Our merit is reflected in our ability to spread love, as transit passengers on Earth.


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