Humanity is part of animality

Humanity is also measured by the way we are treating animals and nature. I am increasingly persuaded. For centuries, we have thought that we were at the center of the universe and therefore deserved all attention. Why does human think he or she is the elite of creation, the chosen one? Because we are on top of the food chain? Because we have a conscience… Do we? Really? Because we think and have consciousness?
Animals are capable of developing a thinking process too. Many researchers are supporting this fact. Like environmental writer Carl Safina in his book, “Beyond Words: Now Animals Think And Feel”. Crows are known to elaborate sophisticated tools to achieve their ends. Chimps are said to have a highly developed political intelligence. Most scientists agree on the fact that animals have intricate mental abilities. Primates, corvids and cetaceans display elements of culture. Some are even able to learn how to communicate with us. A chimpanzee has successfully been taught to use sign language and when she saw a swan for the first time ever, she signed “waterbird”. Some parrots do not just mimic words they hear but put them together to form sentences, indicating that they actually understand (“The Animal Mind” by Jeffrey Kluger).
What is intelligence? Now this is a tricky question because there is no single answer. What is giving us the right to be better than any other species? Actually nothing. A human being is an animal just like any other. Maybe he is the cruelest one of all. Maybe he is also the most dangerous of all. The only one able to shoot himself in the foot and destroy his planet.

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