It’s all relative


Here is a curio. Something I came across, browsing on the Internet. This is Albert Einstein‘s report card when he was a teenager in 1896. He was 17 at that time and at first, I was led to believe that the young Einstein was sort of average at school and even poorly rated.

After all, urban legend claims that Albert Einstein was not such a genius at school. Pretty comforting for us normal people to assume that one of the greatest minds in the 20th century was average to poor on his school grades. Only 3 in French, 4 in geography, drawing art and technical art. Like many, I assumed those scores were noted out of ten. WRONG! Everything is relative. I should have known this.

He was brilliant. At that time in Switzerland, 6 was the best grade you could get. So besides French, the lad was smart and certainly the best in math and physics. He always got top grade . Einstein himself pointed that he never failed in mathematics as a rumor stated in 1935. “Before I was fifteen I had mastered differential and integral calculus.” Still. Einstein was an average student in French. But really. Who cares?


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