Mirror, mirror on the wall…

It is a fact that the most beautiful people have better opportunities in life and are -needless to say- more successful. During a job interview, they are more likely to be noticed, even if their skills and level of instruction are lower than those of other applicants. There is more : their incomes are higher and we tend to condone their behavior should they make mistakes. Is the packaging now more significant than the contents?

I sure do not want to be sharp-tongued (I am anyway ;)) but politicians do not fit in the picture or so it seems. Except for a few of them, they are rarely attractive, yet we succumb to their charms and vote for them. Is power self-sufficient? Governing and charisma must break free from the tyranny of beauty. I suppose that empathy and gibberish are effective.

Yet we all are aware that beauty is an illusion. You cannot rely on appearances. Folk wisdom says that the clothes don’t make the man. Even if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I bet many would be willing to give up their souls to get eternal beauty. After all, it must be in our genes. According to the French psychologist, Scania de Schonen, 3 days old babies prefer to look at attractive faces.

We were probably never so obsessed with the cult of beauty. Look at our selfie sticks! Complexion is so complex. We want to appeal as a way to be socially accepted, as a way to feel better about ourselves … but is the mirror telling the truth?


Enfant coquette, montée sur un meuble, vérifiant sa coiffure dans un miroir.


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