What goes around comes around


Harris & Ewing (1918)

Earth is about 4.5 billion years old and I came across an article stating that the oldest human DNA is 400,000 years old. Which is a venerable age for humanity, but virtually young to universe’s standards.

If we were to represent the history of Earth through a 24-hour clock, Earth would appear at 0:00:00, the origin of life starts at 4:00 AM, dinosaurs are showing up at 10:56 PM and humans are coming out at 11:58:43 PM. And the latecomers turned the planet upside down.

Do not ask me what happens at midnight but what I cannot figure out is how in a so short existence, humanity has been able to cast a shadow on the milky way. Because of light pollution, one third of the planet is now unable to observe our galaxy.

Physicist Stephen Hawking recently made a statement about pollution and stupidity as biggest threats on mankind itself. Overcrowding is a major concern too. “The population has grown by half a billion since our last interview, with no end in sight.”, says Professor Hawking to the Independent. “At this rate, it will be eleven billion by 2100. Air pollution has increased by 8 percent over the past five years. More than 80 percent of inhabitants of urban areas are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution.”

There was a time, in a very distant past, when all the resources were abundant and especially free. A time when wealth and poverty did not split up humanity. Today, 62 persons in the world are as rich as half of the poorest world’s population,  according to Oxfam. Tax havens enabled the wealthiest individuals to conceal $7.6 trillion. The super rich has today the power to bring poverty to a close, not once but… four times over. And there is more. There is enough food produced worldwide to feed everyone, still one out of seven people is starving.

The Earth’s clock almost shows the midnight hour. Or so it seems. Maybe after midnight, all is starting all over again. Maybe life is a circle, like infinity, like eternity. Maybe humanity is given another chance. Maybe. Maybe not. What if the past is actually the future? What if we were caught in a vicious circle? I am dreaming, I may be even rambling but when are we going to learn that we really are dispensable in the universe…


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