The talking typewriter, an early computer

almanach69I enjoy flipping the pages of old almanacs. You learn so many things history books or even the Internet may not tell you about. Just details about everyday life in the past or forgotten fun facts.

Roughly speaking, computers were invented at the end of World War II. So in 1969, people knew about computers but very little if compared with 21st century kids. Little did most people of this era know that computers would actually be part of their future family circle. In fact, it was not until the 70s that the microcomputer appears.

Now this picture comes from a 1969 French almanac. This kid is contemplating a talking typewriter which was a pioneer educational tool created Dr. Moore circa 1962. There is an interesting article in the July 31, 1966 issue of the Chicago Tribune about this invention HERE. Dr. Omar Khayyam Moore is a professor of social psychology at the University of Pittsburgh and wanted the youngsters – mostly coming from illiterate families – to be able to self-teach reading. It is a computerized electric device with visual and audio potentials. Full description HERE.


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