100 light bulb moments


Lately, I have installed Wattpad on my tablet, mostly because googleplay reviews seemed so passionate. Often referred to as the YouTube for writing, Wattpad looks like a huge writing workshop, allowing the user to improve writing skills and even more interesting, get feedbacks. 45 million accomplished or not so skilled writers and avid readers are using this social platform worldwide. At first, I was rather puzzled over the very young average age of the users. I kind of felt like an underdog. So I chose to blend in with the crowd and keep up with what was going on.

Looking for more substantial works, I firstly came across many vampire stories (and the bloodsuckers are miraculously looking like boys bands’ stars), and many romances involving thugs (let’s say toughies or gangstas) or bad boys. On top of this, spelling and syntax mistakes were burgeoning. But I kept looking for more substantial works and found some gems that made my journey on Wattpad very much enjoyable. Once you start to master the app, you will discover nuggets. Some creations have not only a solid storyline which is well carved out but also a correct spelling and a smooth flowing style.

Wattpad is a refreshing experience, because young writers are nice and helpful. They see your work from another perspective and notice mistakes or weaknesses that you would otherwise have disregarded. If you are older, you will feel humbled, which is a great lesson to be taught to when streaks of grey appear in your hair.

The good thing is reactions are swift, which is quite stimulating when you think that Wattpad offers hundreds of millions of written material. Readers will act as incentives for writers and will give advices, be critical, give tips to improve your works. Besides, Wattpad is not only stimulating, it is also inspiring. Writing alone can be depressing sometimes because there is no feedbacks. Being in a community is definitely boosting your inspiration. This app proves that young people are still passionate readers and a lot of them are good writers as well.


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